Persevering when his body says no

37 years old. Lifetime Athlete. EXPERT level.

My main goal was to put my whole body in shape. I always practice sports in which I work mainly the lower part of my body, but I rarely work the top part. During 10 weeks I was very severe; I managed to get used to doing the workout and, in fact, I keep doing it.

I could not follow a very strict diet due to the trips I have to do for work. Following the nutritional guidelines I had before, I have noticed improvement, which means that following the recommended guidelines, it would have worked much more.

My expectations have been fully met, especially in the toning part. I have noticed improvement in my upper body, especially from the 5th week. Moreover, I have more energy since I started 24MIN workout.

The tonification workout is engaging and, in fact, as I have  gotten used to it, I will maintain it as part of my weekly workout.


46 years. Sedentary person. BEGINNER level.

My top goal was to lose weight and get a better body condition and toning. I started the 24MIN 10 weeks training plan with a high motivation and I am still motivated because of the training’s results.

I have stopped drinking alcohol and I have been moderately careful with the diet. Despite this, I have noticed results so if I have followed the diet, I would have noticed a bigger improvement.

My expectations had been fulfilled; I am not used to do too much sport but thanks, to the cardio training I am a better swimmer and I have a better rest, I am so much more active during the day and I get less tired.

I have been able to follow all the levels changes in the toning part with the Unlimited Toning Machine and it’s easy to follow the routine but I miss working my abs, that could be solved If you combine 24MIN with an abdominal series.



52 years. Sedentary person. BEGINNER level.

My goal was to improve my physical condition. I am not used to practicing any sports and I was curious about the new 24 minutes a day training.

I have not followed the nutritional guidelines, but the training has fulfilled a 100% my expectations (it even surprised me) with my target, if I followed the nutritional advice I would have gottten a better training results.

Because of many reasons, most of them professional, I have not been able to train regularly, but I have been surprised because, after only two weeks with the plan, I already noticed the improvement. I am more agile in my daily activities and I have more energy to do things during the day.

For me the cardio part is the most demanding and, although I have not completed any level, the toning part is varied, pleasant and bearable. I really like the Unlimited Toning machine.


34 years. Trained and fit person. EXPERT level.

When I started with the HIIT by BH training I wanted to tone my legs and keep the cardio workout in a season when is not easy to do it outside.

I have not followed the dietitian advises because I think I already have a balance diet. I would have lost weight if I have followed the diet.

My objectives have been fulfilled, even when I have not done all the sessions because of my trips. When I skip some sessions I lose the rhythm but not the motivation. I have been more ‘alive’ every day. I also have the sensation of have a firm body. I started to notice it after 2 weeks.

For me the hardest part is the toning because after the cardio the heart is high in SMP. The series are short and I am always trying to do as many repetitions as I can that is why the last movements with the Unlimited Toning machine are so difficult, then is when I realize about their effectivity and hardness.

Personally, I would do 24min with a machine where you can raise the level of resistance regardless the rest resistance’s level. Even so, following the plan, the Dual Air Machine has a really good feeling and you really sweat with it.