Cross1000 Dual

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Dual Air Trainer is designed for those who care about their physical wellness but still have not found the machine to make accomplish their goals.

Cross1000 Dual offers a unique opportunity to lose weight, burn fat, tone muscle and gain muscle mass faster and with guaranteed results!

Cross1000 Dual is the answer for people who want to lose weight or tone muscles performing HIIT workouts and standard cardio sessions.

You can supplement your Cross1000 Dual with HIIT by BH workout in order to get the most out of the machine and get in just 24 minutes of daily workout, significant weight loss and fat while you are toning up and gaining muscle mass in just 10 weeks.

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You can complete Cross1000 Dual with the 24 MIN BY BH training

It would help you to take full advantage of the machine and, in just 10 weeks, lose a significant quantity of weight and fat while you are toning and gaining muscular mass.

A&M Resistance system

Air and magnetic brake produce the smoothest and demanding feeling you have ever tried.

Blue backlit LCD screen includes a program with HIIT by BH training plan

Very intuitive system helps the user to identify faster if is doing the training in his maximum performance as this training concept demands.

Includes 12 pre-set training profiles and 24 intensity levels

They will challenge anyone or athlete, if you prefer to use the crosstrainer for standard cardio sessions instead for HIIT.

4 Heart Rate Control Programs (HRC)

Allows cardiovascular zones to be targeted during the workout. Automatically controls workout intensity to maintain effort at chosen pulse limits.

5 Custom courses (uPrg)

Allows users to design their own program.

Random program

Each time, the monitor will create and show on the screen a new program, randomly created.

Recovery test (RT)

Helps to control the fitness condition through controlled recovery.

Non-absorbent and non-slip grips

More resistant to breakage and microorganisms.

Auto guided system allows to increase the stride speed without any risk

Lower guard bow to prevent derailments.

Wireless heart rate control with a heart rate monitor (not included) by radio frequency to 5 kHz

Allows high intensity workouts with a comfortable heart rate control on the monitor or on your mobile device.

Heart rate control in your smarphone or tablet through Bluetooth heart rate monitor (not included) 

Use your smartphone or tablet to check your heart rate thanks to the safe and comfortable colocation of it over the monitor of the machine.
* Heart rate will not be shown in the monitor of the machine

** Only compatible with Smartphones and Tablets equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. Check compatibility with your model 

Contact pulse measurement system

Provides targets for advance training.

Integrated powerful fan

Provide a nice cooling sensation while exercising.


Stride: 53 cm / 21”

Train with a comfortable and efficient stride. Ideal for demanding training routines offered by HIIT concept.

Distance between pedals: 15 cm / 5.9”

15 cm that require a minimum opening of your hips, your movement will be 100% natural.

XXL anti-slip foot pedals

Helps to find the best working position.

Minimum distance between pedals

Allows a more natural motion, given that the hips remain completely parallel during exercise.

Wheels for transportation

Easy to move in the house.

Width: 67 cm / 26.4”
Height: 175 cm / 68.9”
Length: 158 cm / 62.2”
Weight: 86 kg / 190 lbs.
Maximum user weight: 130 Kg / 286 lbs.
Smartphone and tablet are no included

HIIT by BH: The new training concept. It only takes 24 minutes per day!

HIIT by BH is a new training concept developed by experienced personal trainers in intensive training with individualized advice. HIIT training is having right now a big boom of new fans who are discovering the great benefits of this new way of training.

24MIN by BH is a training plan, developed exclusively for BH machines, high intensity interval training consists in 12 cardio training and other 12 minutes of toning exercises. High intensity periods alternate with periods of active recovery. It is important to follow the order and time of each exercise as closely as possible.

In website you will be able to find all the training program with step by step information, also in video format!

You will not only increase your aerobic capacity, also you will lose weight, decrease your body fat, increase your muscle mass or improve your marks. 24 minutes, 3 days a week, 10 weeks. And you’ll see results

Success Guaranteed !



Get and connect Dual Kit BE (sold separately) and enjoy i.Concept by BH technology and use your smartphone or table like a touchscreen of your fitness machine.

  • The machine is compatible with Android* and iOS* operating system thanks to the compatible with Android* and iOS* operating system thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology.
  • i.Concept technology allows a personalized and 100% motivational training, with specific training Apps for fitness machines like for example BH by Kinomap, BH Trainer, Run on Earth, Webathletics or FitConsole.
  •  Also you can surf the internet, reading your email, updating your social networks, watching videos or tv, etc. while training.

Compatibility with smartphones, tablets and accesories. 

iOS compatible devices are: iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 4, iPad 3, iPad mini and newer. You can check minimum requirements of installation of the Apps in the App Store. 

Apps are optimized for the following Android devices: S4 and Gallaxy Note 2 from Samsung and Nexus 7 from Google (1st and 2nd generation) . Other Android devices with more than 4,3″ screen can work, but it is not guaranteed an optimized performance. 

Compatible Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors are: Polar H6, Wahoo Fitness Blue HR, PAFERS HR-KIT and HR-KIT Plus (recommended).