To start 24MIN Workout Plan, select your initial level based on your physical condition and your current level of exercise.
24MIN Progam will guide you in the best plan for you.


Sedentary people who have not participated in any sports or have been inactive for a long time.

Have your decided to take care of your fitness and get fit? Welcome to 24MIN Training Program!

You will start at the Introduction Level. As you progress week by week, the level of intensity and demand will increase gradually.

If you are considered a risky person, we recommend you take a stress check before starting the program.

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People who perform some type of low intensity sport or ex-athletes.

With 24MIN Program, you will improve your fitness quickly and guaranteed.

You will start at the Beginners level, but your progression will be more demanding than a begginer’s.
As you progress through the training program, the level of demand will increase week by week, at the same time that your physical condition will improve.

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Regular athletes.
Trained and fit people.

You are a great athlete; therefore, you know the benefits of high intensity interval training perfectly.

The level of demand you need is higher than the rest; but 24MIN program, due to its HIIT nature, will push you in situations of intensive training effort, and you will feel a real evolution in your fitness at all levels.

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