You will not only increase your aerobic capacity, you will also lose weight, decrease your body fat, increase your muscle mass and improve your marks. 24 minutes, 3 days a week, 10 weeks. And you’ll see results.

Success Guaranteed !

Do you have a fitness goal?

Do you want to increase your aerobic capacity? lose weight? lower your percentage of body fat? increase your lean mass? improve all of your fitness marks? You can do all of this by following the 24MIN workout program.

A new way of training arrives with 24MIN workout program. It is more efficient and more motivating, creating faster results.


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A complete Exercise Plan for your needs

Start at your own level

Depending on your current physical condition and fitness state, you will have a complete exercises plan that will tell you where to start and help you to achieve your goals, and will allow you to increase strength, speed, balance and agility.

Whether you are a man or a woman, trying to lose weight, tone up, increase your aerobic capacity, increase your lean mass… or whatever your fitness goals may be, the 24MIN workout program will guide you achieving them. 

Just 3 days per week, 10 weeks

Only 24 minutes per day

No more excuses. Surely you have 24 minutes per day for yourself. Too easy!

You will complete 12 minutes of cardiovascular workout with your Dual Air Trainer and 12 minutes of functional exercises using the Unlimited Toning Machine. Are you ready?

You won’t need any more time. And you will notice the amazing results fast; motivating you to integrate exercise into your lifestyle. We recommend a 10 week plan, 72 minutes per week. So… what are you waiting for?

Cardio exercise

Interval training

The first part of your 24MIN training will be a cardiovascular workout using your Dual Air Trainer.

Starting with aerobic exercise serves as a general warming for our entire musculature. With a cardio session, we make an effort and get tired just enough to start with 12 minutes of toning in a semi-fatigue state increasing the level of demand in toning exercises. 

Toning exercises

Challenge yourself daily

Toning exercises are based on sets of exercises done with the Unlimited Toning Machine and other sets with movements that we use in our daily lives.

Each exercise is done in 40 second repetitions  and 20 second breaks, doing twice of each exercise as it is indicated in the plans.

After completing the sets of daily exercises, it is essential to complete stretching exercises in order to avoid injuries.

Avoid the comfort zone

When you are in your “comfort zone” your brain and metabolism burn only a certain amount of calories.

The “comfort zone” is when you exercise at a continuous medium intensity and where you feel comfortable.

If you stay in your comfort zone and never push through to the next level, you will not reach your goals: which is to burn calories, lose extra weight and improve your health.

How? Increase your metabolism

The high interval intensity training (HIIT) causes a jump in metabolism and generates the desired EPOC effect.

EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) Effect burns calories after completing the exercise until you return to your normal basal levels of oxygen.

Continues burning fat up to 48 hours after 24MIN workout and helps reach your goals more effectively.

24MIN workout plans

24MIN is a workout program organized  in a specific order and duration. The different workouts mix periods of high intensity with periods of active recovery

There are different levels, depending on your current fitness state. Do you want to know which one is your workout plan?

Discover your workout plan

How does 24MIN work?

24MIN workout program consists of a sequence of exercises in a certain order. High intensity periods alternate with períods of active recovery.

If you want to know more about the 24MIN workout option, we can explain it now!

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