Some very useful tips for your workout!

  • Is 24min for everyone?

    This training program is for everyone who can’t seam to achieve their weight loss goals or improve there athletic skill, even when they practice sports regularly However, is not suitable for:

    • sedentary persons who have neverpracticed sports
    • overweight persons (based on BMI)
    • persons with heart problems
  • I have never done sports and my life is sedentary, could I train with 24min?

    24min requires that you have previous fitness training, whether that be in the form of sports or a fitness regimen. It is advised that you start a fitness program first before attempting the 24min program. If this is the case, we can guide you to get fit before starting the 24min program with your own Dual Air Trainer
  • Any other advice/requirements before starting the 24min program?

    Yes. It is important to do consult your doctor/physician before starting any new fitness regimen

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